Ride on down to Rocheport

It’s time for another post about one of the cutest destinations around Mid-MO, Rocheport. As a town of just under 250 people, Rocheport should be tiny. But it’s a bit of a resort town, with a large selection of bed and breakfasts, a few restaurants and more antique and goods stores than you can count on your fingers (which will come in handy when you want to get some unique gifts this holiday season).



Les Bourgeois Winery is just outside of the adorable downtown, which has buildings dating back to the turn of the century and older, all painted in bright and beautiful colors. And Rocheport is not a small town that’s hurting. There were several brand new or in progress mansion-style homes being built in town.

img_9481It’s located right along the Katy Trail and Missouri River and provides a quaint and quiet backdrop to the surrounding nature and farmland. The local cats will come up and greet you with a wink and a foot nudge where the trail meets the downtown business district, and the alpacas in the enclosure against the trail will eye you suspiciously, but still be quite a sight to see.


The trail is on one side of the town, with the main road on the other, framing in this picturesque gem. Les Bourgeois is a beaut too, hanging off the bluffs along the Missouri River, with a restaurant that provides fine dining, along with samples of their tasty product. And being just a ten or so minute drive from Columbia, it’s the perfect in-town getaway for a weekend. So here’s where to eat and do in this charming river town.



Les Bourgeois Blufftop Bistro img_9367

If you’re feeling more upscale, this is the place to go. With their quiet dining room and a fantastic view over the river and surrounding woods, you won’t regret it. Plus, it’s currently decorated with some fantastic winter cheer, and if it snows, go. It will be beautiful




This place is hopping when it’s open, and for good reason. While we had just eaten lunch at the Blufftop Bistro, the smells emanating from the kitchen as we walked by, along with the sights of the actual food, were so enticing we almost went in. Definitely going to try it the next time we head to Rocheport.



Stockton Mercantileimg_9503

Take a peek into Stockton Mercantile when you visit. The store is huge, and jam-packed with little treasures at have-to-buy-it prices. They sell antiques and gadgets alike, and I could spend hours upon hours in the store without a second thought. It was simply a magical experience, and, even though I bought a lot of gifts for the holidays, it was still all under $40.





Katy Trail

Walk or bike the trail of course! See the alpacas and the cats, and all the beautiful, old                                                buildings that dot the gorgeous landscape.



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