It’s October, and that means pumpkins!

October is when it comes out in full force. Fall is upon us, and with it, pumpkins. Pumpkin spice lattes, decorations, pumpkin beer, pumpkin pastries, it’s all pumpkin all the time. But where do all these pumpkins come from? This weekend, we went straight to the source to find out.


Well, we went straight to the pumpkin patch. An adorable American tradition that is just a good, fun experience. We visited Fischer Farms, which sits right outside of Jefferson City, almost directly across the river from the Capitol, to do our pumpkin-picking.




But they weren’t just full of u-pick pumpkins.  You could pick sunflowers yourself, play in the corn pit or get lost in one of their corn mazes.



They even had farm animals like horses, pigs and goats that you could pet, and deliciously-spiced apple cider to enjoy when all that was said and done.




The farm also sold plenty of fresh fall foods and provisions, such as jellies and jams, apples and sweet potatoes, and even had a snack bar in a classic red barn that looks out onto it all.




You could also take a hayride around the farm, which went on for miles and miles and was filled with beautiful sunflowers, corn stalks and pumpkin vines.


They grew regular orange pumpkins, white pumpkins, pink pumpkins, big pumpkins, little pumpkins and pie pumpkins.


They had gourds and watermelon too, as well as apples. It was just a delight.


They also placed classic farm machinery throughout the property, the perfect photo-op for all your fall pictures.


Fischer Farms was full of fun, and I’d recommend it to anyone. Get out there before all the pumpkins are gone!



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